so I’ve got a kind of serious question here

which beatle do you think you relate to most and why?

I feel like I relate to John most because my sense of humor is a lot like his and we both love writing.

So, which do you feel you relate to most and why?

  • Jun 4
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  1. whatever-spoopyguy answered: John, considering I have most of his personality (except quick comebacks, most of the time :/ ) …my da says my hair reminds me of John >_>
  2. rapsodiaaa answered: George, because I’m a quiet person just like him, I’m also a little spiritual and I love food. But I also feel related to Ringo :)
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  4. thewalrusrevolution answered: John. because writing is my life and the way i think is a lot different than kids my age. also i admit that i’m a bit moody at times.
  5. feminine-tendencies answered: Definitely John. Too many reasons to even list. :) And George a little because I’m always hungry.
  6. paul-mccartneys-eyelashes answered: I think Ringo, because we’re both the derpy ones who other people don’t tend to notice. XD
  7. sixties-gal answered: george cause were both prefer to keep to ourselves and john because he’s both an introvert and extrovert :)
  8. thebeatlesordie answered: John basically for the same reasons! and I love cats and we are both extremely blind.
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